Kathryn Humphrey



Kathryn has spent many years working alongside local, state and federal government entities. Her expertise is  planning for potential events and responding to disasters. Over the years, she has supported and administered programs that promote preparedness and maximize the ability to respond and recover in an efficient and thoughtful manner.  


Kathryn is an accomplished senior executive/manager with 30-years experience in program, project, engineering and business management, disaster response and recovery operations, and environmental compliance. Her effective leadership in the public and private sector, and composure during crises/disasters has translated to:

  • Presidentially designated disaster response and recovery official and policy and program expert.
  • Effective operational relationships with government, private sector and NGOs.
  • High functioning teams with consistent increases in program and project effectiveness.


  • Created locally acclaimed planning documents and exercises.
  • Authored CESA award winning "An Organizational Review of San Bernardino County’s Response to the December 2, 2015 Terrorist Attack" and "The 12/2/15 Terrorist Attack Legacy Report" in partnership with CPARS Consulting.
  • Authored hundreds of FEMA policy and grant application recommendation documents in many states and territories throughout the country.
  • Managed and authored accreditation documentation and strategic planning process for public health department.
  • Directed the delivery of over $846 million in disaster assistance funds for 23 presidentially declared emergencies and disasters, providing relief to more than 228, 000 individuals and hundreds of government entities.
  • Grew consulting business each year for 20 years.
  • Served in leadership and program director roles in 50 presidential disasters.
  • Served as Republican National Convention NSSE Executive Committee member.
  • Served as Regional Response Coordination Center Director.
  • For 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, managed the FEMA Public Assistance program:
    • Supervised the development of $1 billion of grant applications.
    • Approved over $650 million in grant applications in 4 months
  • First Regional Environmental Officer in FEMA Region II; Developed and implemented the environmental compliance program for all FEMA programs that provided expedited review for 90% of all projects.
  • Defused criticism and decreased application process time by developing partnerships with concerned national environmental organizations and regulatory authorities.
  • Served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Energy, Hazel O'Leary, and her staff, providing support and liaison services for national and international business groups in the New York region.